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Plant Maintenance & Plant Leasing

How to Reduce The Cost of Your Plant Services

Most plant service companies spend a great deal of money on advertising and high-priced salespeople to help them acquire new customers. These same companies then hire low skilled workers for plant maintenance. This “bigger is better” approach often leads to higher fees and inconsistent quality.

At Everything’s Green we take a different approach. We believe that keeping plants looking beautiful is both a science and an art. Our horticultural staff is intensively trained and our educational program never stops.

We purchase the highest quality plants, pots, and planters and invest our resources in properly maintaining the plants to keep them healthy and looking their absolute best. We outline a maintenance schedule that works for you, with times that are convenient for your business.

We built our business almost exclusively through referrals from happy and loyal clients. We are looking for lifelong relationships with our clients built upon a commitment to excellence and mutual trust. This business by referral approach helps you get better interior plant service for less money.

We offer low-cost Plant Maintenance Packages and we are happy to come out to give you a Free Creative Plant Design Consultation with absolutely no cost or obligation.

Call today to schedule your
Free Creative Plant Design Consultation.
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Many plant service companies charge a fee to replace plants that are damaged, diseased, grow too large, or no longer complement your decor. The Everything’s Green 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is among the best in the industry.

Everything’s Green is licensed and insured to meet all your plant leasing and office plant maintenance requirements with certified landscape professionals and certified landscape technicians. Our clients include shopping malls, hotels, corporate headquarters, restaurants, commercial buildings, offices, and model homes.

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