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What to Expect from Your Free Creative Plant Design Consultation

We meet with you at your business to thoroughly analyze your needs and then recommend appropriate plants that fit your specific lighting and budget considerations.

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At Everything’s Green we have mastered the art of Interior Plantscape. We use horticultural design expertise to achieve long-term outstanding appearance and prevent any future problems by utilizing iStock 000005335830XSmall 200x300 Design & Installationplants that are proven to flourish in your type of building and lighting conditions. Careful plant selection and light planning is critical to save money and unnecessary plant material changes.

Exciting, striking planter designs add another dimension to new varieties of plants and flowers. From classic traditional to cutting-edge contemporary. We can recommend the best container selections appropriate to your interior designs and we always welcome your ideas and input.

At your request we will work with your interior designers and architects to develop the appropriate selection of plants, plantings and containers. This helps you to truly enjoy the powerful benefits of interior plants in your working environment.

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Installation of Interior Plants

Everything’s Green handles all elements of the plant installation — from delivery to the site of pruned, hand-cleaned acclimated plants in their respective containers and growing media, to the placement of plants in the required points in each building, to the final watering, mulching, pruning and dressing.

Plants are carefully transported and are delivered wrapped and ready to be installed in a short amount of time with little or no disturbance to the office environment.

All phases of installation are included in our Everything’s Green 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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